My Year Inside the Cult of Domesticity

This year has been a whirlwind. Insightful. Challenging. Magnificent. Although I have spent my years obtaining a top tier education and spending my professional career as a history teacher, this year I took a hiatus and dove into a new anthropological experiment. Motherhood. My challenge to myself in this year is to enjoy every moment in this “cult of domesticity”. One year outside of the traditional workforce – but instead into the sphere of the home being a wife and mother to a newborn son, a dog and a cat. Although this is nothing new historically speaking, it is for me. As I grew up in a generation of educated women who are encouraged to lean in and to break the class ceiling, I look forward to exploring this new sphere and getting to know the new life I brought into this world named EH and sharing with you the ways I tried to make it affordable and obtainable for our family. Women and men who tackle this job lack pay, sleep, credit even government tax breaks. Although “society” may not appreciate motherhood, I created this project to show that although women and men may be inside the home changing diapers and singing Disney songs on a daily basis, we are all Rosie the Riveter inside ourselves helping in .